Scalable, measurable, successful leadership development.

Capella is a national leader in competency-based development programs.

With more than 20 years of online education experience, Capella has built the Applied Leadership Series based on proven learning best practices. The program includes:

  • The highest standard for competency sources, including Lominger, PDI Ninth House, and the Center for Creative Leadership.
  • Pre-course and post-course knowledge checks with detailed analyses of leadership skill development and application.
  • Self and peer rating exercises to identify key growth areas to pinpoint during the course.
  • Leadership action plans that put skills into on-the-job practice to immediately elevate performance and boost confidence.
  • A scalable platform across multiple company locations with consistency throughout learning processes.
  • A flexible structure that can be either supplemental or embedded into your current leadership development strategies.

Customizable platform

The Capella Applied Leadership Series platform focuses on three key competency areas of leadership development.

You can customize your program to include all or some of the courses comprising these three groups:


  • Develop self-awareness of strengths
  • Get a clear sense of core values and motivators
  • Learn continuously from experience and feedback
  • Sense and respond to changes in business environments
  • Increase agility, flexibility, and focus


  • Get others to work collectively toward a common goal or desired outcome
  • Foster team spirit over the span of a collaborative lifecycle
  • Communicate effectively in face-to-face and virtual environments
  • Minimize communication blocks


  • Lead others through processes of change
  • Establish change as the norm
  • Build reputable business acumen
  • Understand and apply key business principles to contain costs and increase margins

Course Offerings

Personal Mastery
Course Description
In this course, participants will examine their leadership skills, strengths and
challenges through an exploration of their on their own talents, personality
and experiences.

Leadership Skillset
Personal Leadership

The Agile Leader
Course Description
Leaders will learn how to make better decisions, and assess and create opportunities by viewing issues from multiple perspectives.
Leadership Skillset
Personal Leadership

Communicating Effectively
Course Description
Strong communication skills are essential for communicating ideas and building
relationships. This course focuses on strengthening communication skills by
understanding varying styles and how to adjust them based on the audience and goal.

Leadership Skillset
People Leadership

Leading Effective Teams
Course Description
This course is focused on ways in which leaders can strengthen teams to effectively achieve goals. The emphasis of this course is on leadership strategies for building trust in collaboration.
Leadership Skillset
People Leadership

Leading and Managing Change
Course Description
In this course, participants will become champions of change by learning how to
lead and support others through the change process.

Leadership Skillset
Results Leadership

Business Acumen
Course Description
This course will help leaders will learn to think more strategically and achieve a basic knowledge of business strategy and financial principles.
Leadership Skillset
Results Leadership