Scalable, measurable, successful leadership development.

The Capella Applied Leadership Series provides a customizable platform for you to develop leadership talent. Whether you're looking to boost the skills of first-time managers or refine those of emerging leaders, the program's 70-20-10 framework and competency-based curriculum enable you to focus on the key skill areas that will help your employees drive value for your business.


Each module is a four-to-six week course that features a combination of a virtual classroom and on-the-job learning. Employees should expect to spend three to five hours per week on program activities.


Capella will provide your organization's chosen facilitator with comprehensive training resources—including detailed documentation on navigating the online classroom, plus best practices for online instruction. The facilitator will be prepared and empowered to lead whichever modules fit with your unique needs.

Learning Approach

No other online learning solution is able to deliver on the 70-20-10 model like the Capella Applied Leadership Series can. This proven learning framework features:


hands-on practice and application

Each course includes a self-designed, self-directed action project so employees can take what they're learning and make decisions, address challenges, and apply their new skills to real-time, on-the-job situations.


feedback and interaction

Employees will get feedback from peers, mentors, colleagues, and managers to help encourage and refine their leadership skills in the context of their jobs. This promotes a collaborative working environment that inspires employees to do their best.


formal instruction

From multimedia tools to relevant readings to real-world-based assessments and other interactive content, the program's tools are designed to support critical competencies and keep productivity top of mind.

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