Get your nurses where they need to be –with results you can see.

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Partner with Capella University and find out how Nursing Track 80/20–an exclusive program for healthcare employers–can help you meet your evolving organizational goals.

Access exclusive, partner-only benefits and resources

Dedicated support and resources, from employee engagement services to partner-only pricing, will ensure that your students get a meaningful learning experience. Plus, Capella's flexible implementation options accommodate the demanding schedules of full-time employees through online education.

Transform learning into immediate on-the-job impact

Your nurses will gain advanced theoretical, practical, and applicable knowledge from expert faculty. Through assessments and state-of-the-art simulations based on real workplace experiences, plus our revolutionary RN-to-BSN FlexPath option that provides learners with the most direct path to earn their degree. On-the-job impact will be highly accelerated—and your return on investment will be, too.

Watch critical, targeted competencies develop in real time

Capella is a leader in competency-based education, with all healthcare program competencies aligned to the ANCC Magnet Model Components1. Through Capella's innovative Competency Map tool, we make sure students are advancing in the areas you've outlined, and deliver regular progress reports to give you tangible results.


Evolution in nursing: keep nurses up to speed with the dynamic needs for patient care.

Hear Capella University President Scott Kinney discuss working with employers on the tailored nurse development program, Nursing Track 80/20. You'll get his perspective on the employer needs that drove the program and learn how our solution was developed.


Discover key research findings on how BSN degrees impact patient care.

Uncover the benefits of a more educated nursing staff–including lowering the cost of care by over $5M annually, reducing annual readmissions by 248 days, improving patient mortality rates, and lowering their length of stay. Learn how BSN-qualified nurses can improve care for your patients–and allow you to meet your organizational goals.

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1. 14 Attributes or outcomes that exemplify nursing excellence, identified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center, a subsidiary of the American Nurse Association (ANA).