Build an education plan that supports employee growth - and business performance.

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Workforce Edge is designed to help organizations offer a differentiated benefit to their employees while improving the return on investment in employee education.  

The program is designed to help transform tuition assistance into both a valued employee benefit, which enhances your retention strategy, and a strategic learning tool that provides real business impact to the organization. We work with you to maximize your tuition assistance dollars and minimize out of pocket for your employees. Some approaches can lead to no out of pocket costs for your employees.

valued benefit


Rather than tuition assistance only covering a portion of an employee’s tuition expenses, Workforce Edge expands that benefit and depending on the structure of your unique tuition assistance program, helps employees earn their degree while potentially avoiding out-of-pocket tuition expenses. Expand your education benefits and focus on retaining more productive employees.

measurable results


With Capella University's competency-based degree programs and our innovative Competency Mapping, we can provide regular reporting of your results. These transparent reports will allow you to easily track how quickly and effectively your employees are advancing in the areas you’ve outlined, and see impact on your business.  

flexible and scalable


The program is tailored to the needs of your organization and employees. Employees will have the flexibility to choose between a wide range of bachelor’s and graduate degree programs, selecting a program that fits their development goals. Capella University also offers two learning formats, providing additional flexibility for your employees. 

Whitepaper: Giving Employees an Educational Helping Hand

Respondents to a recent survey by Chief Learning Officer and Capella University report that when they have a tuition assistance program, they observe higher levels of employee satisfaction, increased employee engagement, and higher retention. Learn how your peers are using tuition assistance programs as an important recruitment and retention tool.

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